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Downunder Mortgages presents in this newsletter the great events, latest news and information in Australia. If you are a looking to purchase an Australian property as an Owner Occupier, an Investor (Resident or Nonresident), first home owner, are contemplating shifting to Australia permanently from overseas, wish to purchase Lifestyle, Coastal or Commercial and Business property, then please read the interesting newsletter and website links. Bookmark us and check back often, as we update this quite frequently. Australia is today world renowned for being one or perhaps the best place to live in the world!!!! Mary has just written in British magazine in Australia New Zealand Magazine UK "NZ Versus Oz" and also May 2014 about New Zealand."Live The Kiwi Dream" and November 2014 "Tauranga Has Everything We Needed " of UK people moving Downunder to Australia and New Zealand Looking to move Downunder But can't decide between NZ or Australia? Read these this as well as other very interesting latest news on Australia below. Then Contact Downunder Mortgages

Australian Finance Updates

Australian Finance Updates

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Immigration Information

Understanding Australian Foreign Ownership Laws

Immigrating to Australia?
Then you will need to understand Australian Foreign Ownership Laws
Attached is some very helpful information for overseas investors wishing to purchase property in Australia for

Before you look to purchase in Australia we recommend you:

Media Releases Written By Mary

Downunder Mortgages is constantly in the news! Because of our long history, we are frequently featured in many Australian and world wide publications. Below are just a few of the most recent articles we have featured in: